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19 Tech-Savvy Products To Kickstart Your Year

Invest in these efficient, effective, fun goodies.

In light of the current "new year, new me" resolutions, we thought a casual introduction to 19 of our top effective and efficient tech gadgets is essential. 

Tea and Coffee Addicts

We can just file these innovations under "Fan favourites" because best believe each one of us is either a low-key coffee or tea addict. Nevertheless, we thought it be cool to invest in a super unique coffee cup inspired by a camera lens. 

In the case of a coffee cup being too much of a 'practical choice' how about a USB cup warmer instead? It's the perfect device to use when you're busy working on your laptop and when that business call goes on a little longer than expected- at least you'll have a warm drink waiting for you when you get back.

Our last selection is purely for the coffee fanatic. Take your espresso with you with this portable espresso maker. Easy, light and convenient - now you can enjoy your coffee literally wherever you are. 

1. Camera lens travel mug, R209,51, GearBest SHOP NOW

2. USB cup warmer, R580,00, WantItAll SHOP NOW

3. Portable Espresso maker, R1279,00, Wacaco Nanopresso at Cape Coffee Beans SHOP NOW

The Avid Gamer

A much-loved hobby and ever-growing trend in South Africa and we love the portable factor of our game selections. Try a Bluetooth game pad. It allows you to advance to the next level no matter where you are. It's portable and can connect to virtually any smartphone device- Android or iOS.

A remodeled version of a vintage classic gamer (option 2) has over 200 games to choose from and we know that it's sure to keep you occupied for quite a while.

The last choice, more inspired by gaming than giving you the chance to actually play games, this USB hub is inspired by your favourite retro console. The perfect addition to the Game-addict's tech collection? We think so!

1. Bluetooth Game Pad, R449,00, Electromann SA SHOP NOW

2. Vintage Gamer, R499,99, Typo SHOP NOW

3. Super Playhub, R249,00, Mustard at Superbalist SHOP NOW

Attention Workaholics

The workaholic needs two things, good lighting and a good platform to rest their tools on. The USB light is perfect addition to your work-till-late routine, especially when you're working in bed and when your significant other won't allow you to work with the lights on.

With space allocated for your laptop, the rotatable E-table platform makes it super comfortable to work on. The built-in mouse pad, pen holder and space for beverage are additional perks. 

1. USB light bulb, R225,00, Bright Idea at Yuppie Gadgets SHOP NOW

2. Laptop E-table, R399,00, Fervour at Takealot SHOP NOW

The Convenience Seeker

For the person who makes the most out of their technological device. Our first choice takes first prize with its multi-functional quality. It has a wireless charger for smartphone devices, an alarm clock, bluetooth options and cable sockets just in case you want to plug in other devices for music purpose - a multi-use dream? Definitely!

For the individual who always misplaces their belongings, it's time to invest in this Bluetooth item finder. Hang it on your keys or pop it into your bag, you will be able to track the item from 200m away. 

Small yet effective, the final choice for the convenience seeker is the peephole camera. As it takes over the traditional intercom and bell mechanism, the peephole camera improves security and allows you to clearly see your guests before letting them into your space. 

1. Alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger, R1499,00, Doodah SHOP NOW

2. Bluetooth item finder, R499,00, Spotypal at The Gadget Shop SHOP NOW

3. Peephole camera, R899,00, Electromann SA SHOP NOW

The Group Photographer

Polaroid has redeveloped the instant polaroid camera in a very slim line version of the traditional box aesthetic. The iStore also has a new innovation that eliminates the camera feature altogether and involves a printer that plugs straight into your iPhone. The images from both Polaroid's camera and the the phone printer are quite small but great as holiday keepsakes. 

In alternate ways for memory collectives, the mini wifi camera is ideal for filming or collecting snaps of on-the-go or in-the-moment experiences. Despite being small in size, this camera has extensive battery capabilities, perfect for the building memories over the holidays. 

What's a photograph with terrible lighting? Try this clip on selfie light, it's user-friendly has three different lighting options, guaranteeing the right balance of quality and saturation.

1. Instant photo printer, R1499, 00, iStore SHOP NOW

2. Clip-on selfie light, R399,00, Mayhem at The Gadget Shop SHOP NOW

3. Mini Wifi camera, R999,00, Doodah SHOP NOW

4. Polaroid instant camera, R2299,00, Polaroid at Incredible Connection SHOP NOW

High-key Music Obsessed

Both the shower speaker and the MP3 player work in water. The shower speaker allows you to listen to virtually anything whether it's a podcast, music or voice note, simply connect via bluetooth and stream. 

A turntable for the revival of the vinyl record craze? Sure.

Earbuds are the trendiest form of wireless music streaming. Connect via bluetooth, pop these in and feel the convenience a wire-free connection.

1. Shower Speaker, R299,00, Typo at Superbalist SHOP NOW

2. Turntable, R1659,00, Crosley at Takealot SHOP NOW 

3. Earbuds, R3299,00, Jabra Elite at Incredible Connection SHOP NOW 

4. Waterproof MP3 player, R 719,00, Doodah SHOP NOW 

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