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14 of The Best Makeup Looks To Try This Dreamy Valentine's Day

Looking totally lovable

From pink washed gloss, to classic red lips, the easiest smokey eye ever, to daring gold eyeliner, we've collated the dreamiest and most romantic make-up looks for you to try ahead of 2019's festival of love - Valentine's Day.

Which will you choose?


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0C5A6557 Jpg 1547730736
Faux Freckles

Add a dash of runway-worthy whimsy to your Valentine's make-up with a sprinkling of faux freckles. / IMAXTREE

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Escada Bks M Rs19 7051 1547730736
A Smokin' Red Lip

A fierce red lip strikes the right note between classic and statement-making. / IMAXTREE

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Lela Rose G Rs19 8787 1547730734
Lived-In Lips

Simply apply your lipstick as usual, then blur the edges using a clean cotton bud. Then you can kiss to your heart's content because your lipstick is already smudged, huzzah! / IMAXTREE

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Temperley Lo Bks V Rs19 6376 1547730737
Golden And Glowy

Bronzed eyes and glowing skin always look amazing. / IMAXTREE

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Blumarine Bks M Rs19 0062 1547730737
Sprinkle Of Glitter

Who said glitter was just for Christmas? Give your eyes a literal twinkle with a subtle wash of sparkling eyeshadow. / IMAXTREE

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Gettyimages 1030097460
Red Meets Pink

Keep the romantic theme going with bold magenta eyes and scarlet lips. Just don't forget the fresh flowers in your hair. / IMAXTREE

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Ulla Johnson Bks G Rs19 0974 1547730735
Matchy Matchy Lips And Lashes

Pair bare skin with fluoro pink lashes and matching watercolour lips for a modern take on date night make-up. / IMAXTREE

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Macdonald Bks V Rs19 6489 1547730735
The Ultimate Smokey Eye

If the brooding, mysterious look is your go-to Valentine's make-up look then a smouldering smokey eye is the one. / IMAXTREE

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Moschino Bks V Rs19 9004 1547730735
90s Contour

Fluffy brows, major cheekbones and 90s style brown lipstick give a going out out look a retro twist. / IMAXTREE

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Ryan Lo Bks V Rs19 5729 1547730735
Candy Apple Lips

Give classic red lipstick a naughty but nice update with layers of lacquer gloss and smudged kohl eyeliner. Snow White eat your heart out. / IMAXTREE

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1516107804 Eyebling
Add Some Bling

Glitter isn't just for Christmas. Add some glitz without going too festive with stick on diamanté gems placed around your eyes. You'll dazzle your date without even trying. / IMAXTREE

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Delpozo Bks I Rs17 4515 1547730154
Get Glowy

Pinks and glosses were the order of the day at Delpozo, creating a soft look that is perfect for V-Day. / IMAXTREE

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1516106149 Chunkyeyelashes
OTT Eyelashes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so make the most of your peepers with heavy liner and chunky eyelashes in a 2018 twist on Twiggy. / IMAXTREE

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1516108136 Paintopteyes
Paint Pot Eyes

Throw the 'rules' out the proverbial window and rock paint swatched eyelids in a rainbow of brights this Valentine's Day. If you must stay on theme, a bright red does the trick. / IMAXTREE

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