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10 of Our Jet Set Bests

Key fashion MUST-HAVES for travelling.

To all the jet-setters and go-getters out there, we have a few things we need to get off our chest; 1: we’re green with envy, 2: we wish you safe travels and 3: we have about 10 items that we insist you pack. 

Words of wisdom when travelling: keep it functional! We don’t expect you to get off a 12-hour flight dressed to the nines with a face beat to perfection and heels so high you feel like you’re back in the air. No, we’re simply suggesting that you take heed of WHAT you should take with on your crusade. Narrowing down the functional faves from our checklist, this should be the foundation of any mini capsule suitcase.  

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Denim Jeans Please

Nothing is better than the perfect pair of denim jeans. Make sure that they're comfortable and fit well. / Getty

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Drop Hem Skinny Jean Washed Black 9324268139748


Drip Hem Skinny Jean

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That Go-To Dress

The shift dress is the quintessential addition to any fashion closet. We cannot possibly leave it at home when we decide to travel. Pair it with minimalistic earrings, your favourite sneakers and shades. / Getty

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Midi Dress with Buttons

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Bagging the Travel Scheme

Probably the most important item of them all. We selected a backpack as our last travel must-have. It holds much more than an average-sized handbag and we love the burgundy leather; it’s a playfully designed bag in a classic shade and fabric. / Getty

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49078934 1


Holly Backpack

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Taking it Easy in a T-shirt

Throw it on and you’re done. Graphic tees are the stars of the hour. A crew-neck tee paired with a stretch skirt and sneakers = check. / Getty

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Mango White Embroidered Message T Shirt


Embroidered Message T-shirt

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Shaded Planes

A much-loved accessory worn by celebs, sunglasses are essential and although you may not be wearing them to ward off the paparazzi, they're still a travel necessity. / Getty

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418505 02 2
Rubi at Cotton On



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Utility Jumpsuits

For a laid-back feel, try a utility jumpsuit that can be styled up or down, allowing you to decide when, where and how you’d like to wear it. / Getty

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Jumpsuit with Tie Belt

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Sneak-er Peak

Comfortable sneakers make all the difference when travelling. Try these lightweight Cortez by Nike. They're comfortable and provides a balanced aesthetic of colour. / Getty

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Classic Cortez Shoe Ol Tg Pxj B


Classic Cortez

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No Pants Kinda Day

One the days when you’re not feeling those pants, try a stretch jersey skirt that contours the silhouette of the body. Neutral in colour, it can be paired with virtually any top, blouse or shirt you have on hand. / Getty

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Ruched Jersey Skirt Grey Marle 9324268138901
Country Road


Rushed Jersey Skirt

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Minimalistic Earrings

The simplest pair of earrings will take you far in your travels. Select an unconventional but versatile pair in gold to ensure continuous use and multiple pairings. / Getty

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33007659 Or B


Embossed Earring

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Getty Images 957440816
Bomber Jacket Habits

Bomber jackets blew up the outerwear scene when it made a comeback and now, they're a wardrobe staple. It’s functional, neutral and applies to more than one weather condition. / Getty

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Lightweight Ruche Bomber Jacket Black 6009211107496
Studio W at Woolworths


Lightweight Ruche Bomber Jacket

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