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Mastering the Baggy Aesthetic

You’ve got this in the bag!

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Meet the Veuve Clicquot ELLE Boss Awards Judges: Khanyi Dhlomo

A dynamic powerhouse, Ndalo Media founder Khanyi Dhlomo returns to the judge’s chair for the 2018 Veuve Clicquot ELLE Boss Awards

As a Veuve Clicquot ELLE Boss judge, Yolanda Miya looks for integrity

Appointed as the first female managing director (MD) at Deutsche Bank SA, an international investment banking operation, Yolanda Miya is a finance expert.

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Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid Slam The Press In Angry Message, After Shocking Stalker Incident

Kendall Jenner’s stalker found his way to her pool and she blames the press

Maria Lambros on supporting other women: Veuve Clicquot ELLE Boss Awards

A fashion and cosmetics expert, Maria Lambros will be gracing the judge’s chair for the 2018 Veuve Clicquot ELLE Boss Awards

Maira Koutsoudakis on design excellence: Veuve Clicquot ELLE Boss judge

Maira Koutsoudakis defines what being a boss means to her, and what she is looking for as an Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss judge

What Meghan Markle Has Found Freeing Since Joining The Royal Family

The pregnant Duchess has opened up about her experience of quitting Instagram and Twitter.